I like to pretend I live in a fairytale.. but I don’t. I live in the real world. I live in sunny south Florida to be exact. So I play the fairytales through my work. I laugh when people say I’ve lost my mind only because well.. they caught me. I lost my mind and I think only the greatest do anyway. I live for stories. I love telling my story about my life or telling stories through my photos. I want to show everyone the colors I see in the world. I’m a lover and a romantic and this can be seen through my work, whatever medium that may be. I see beauty in everything. I see beauty in darkness and paint with that darkness. I’m always dancing. Guess it’s that free spirit I got. Not only am I a magical creature of the night, I’m also known as a wild child.. Let’s play.

In  A Nutshell

Seconds of Film